Flat and Gable Roofs

Patios Nowra Offers: Enhance Your Home

Smart Choice living’s¬†options to enhance the unique style of your home include both flat and gable roofs that can be erected over existing patios or included in the design of new ones.

We find that gable roofs are very popular. Because of their height they provide space and allow light to enter the area. In particular, gables built with Flatdek roofing give a spectacular modern finish that will enhance any outdoor living area, including some of the best patios Nowra has to offer.

Flat roofs, on the other hand, provide a very economical means of giving an entertaining area cover. With the spans we can achieve using Flatdek roofing, beams can be kept to a minimum giving a nice clean finish. Combining the two produces a very modern and impressive patio cover design.