Hints and Tips

Here are some tips for patios Nowra offers, as well as decks Nowra companies build, and carports Nowra residents might commission:

Do your homework

Even some of the biggest companies use sub-standard products that are not actually suitable for some deck and patio applications, especially at the coast. Before you commission a company to do the work for you, ask questions about the perfect south coast patio and visit other clients they have done work for in the area.

Location, Location, Location

Even if it is only a small construction project doesn’t mean that no thought is required. It is absolutely essential to take position on the property, aspect, air flow and height into consideration. All these aspects are very important, even for the smallest project.

The more the merrier

Get more than one quote for your deck or patio home improvement. Price is very important, but not the most important element. You need to get a feel for the company’s commitment to you as a customer, as well as a thorough understanding of their product, how professional they are, and the salesman’s product and building knowledge before you make a decision. You also need to be sure you feel comfortable with the people in the company you choose, because they will be a regular part of your life and the life of your family for the full duration of a project – which can be for several weeks.

Ask questions – information is key

Get as much information as you can to help your decision process, because this can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Asking questions about fixing processes and structural integrity may save you headaches later on. Unfortunately, sometimes bad salesmen will just say “yes” to get the sale, but when it comes time to build, changes need to be made for safe construction and arguments are likely to ensue.

Follow up is everything

Find out every company’s follow up process; whether for small or large issues, it’s very important. Getting stuck with a job you are not happy with and finding it falls on deaf ears later can not only be very frustrating, but can cause deeper issues that relate to your own property.

Make the Smart Choice

When you make the Smart Choice, we want you to go into your project happy, excited, informed, confident, comfortable and feeling safe in the knowledge you have made the very best Smart Choice.